Saint Mary's College and its partner Sodexo are committed towards a more local, healthy and sustainable food system. Below are some ways in which we are shifting the needle.

Food Recovery Network

Oliver Hall is a Food Recovery Network member. Twice a week, students box up unserved food and deliver it to a family shelter. In its first year, students helped deliver 2,000 lbs of food (approx. 1,700 meals). To learn more on how to volunteer, visit here.

Food Services

  • Saint Mary's College spends 35-40 percent of its annual food budget on local items. 
  • The college purchases exclusively hormone- and antibiotic-free milk, fair trade-certified coffee, and cage-free eggs. 
  • All dining facilities compost pre- and postconsumer food waste and have also been trayless since spring 2008.  
  • Additional improvements in waste infrstructure, staff training and student outreach has increased our waste diversion from 44% (2015) to 66% (2017). We continue to 
  • Not only does Sodexo lean on its sustainable food policies, but it has been a partner for our on-campus Legacy garden, helping educate students and staff on growing your own food. The Legacy Garden produced ~1,200-1,500 lbs of produce annually.
  • Oliver Hall is a participant of Green Monday, where it encourages students to eat a more plant friendly diet once a week. By doing so, you'll lessen your environmental impact (water, energy, greenhouse gases) while eating a healthier diet.

Fair Trade

As a Fair Trade College, Saint Mary's College is commited towards sourcing coffee, tea, chocolate and other products from growers that ensure fair wages, safe working conditions and that use sustainable practices. Fair Trade directly connects with the fidelity of our educational mission, Catholic principles and LaSallian identity. In 2014-15, Saint Mary's College spent $61,697 on Fair Trade products. 


Throughout the year, the Mission & Ministry Center offer monthly Fair Trade Fridays as well as semi-annual Fair Trade Fesitvals, helping educate our community on Fair Trade principles.