Women's Resource Center

At the Women’s Resource Center, we respect all persons and value diversity. We are committed to social justice, gender equity, and creating an environment where violence is not tolerated.       

The Women's Resource Center utilizes a collaborative, strength-based approach in supporting and advocating for students. It houses gender justice programming and the Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention (SAVP). We offer:


WRC offers space for people of all backgrounds to connect and build community around the shared vision of making the world more equitable and just for persons of all gender identities.

Dialogues, creativity projects and programs are important co-curricular learning opportunities.






Engagement & Outreach

Students & SMC community members can apply what they are learning in the classroom to important dialogues, discussions and programs.

Community & Connections

People of all backgrounds who share in the vision of making the world a more just and equitable place for persons of all gender (racial, socioeconmic, religious and ideological) backgrounds can form meaningful community.

Support, Advocacy & Referrals

The directors of the Women's Resource Center and the Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention program provide advocacy and support around issues ranging from conflict navigation to healthy relationships. The Director of SAVP provides confidential support for people impacted by sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.


The WRC's work is rooted in an empowerment model. (EMPOWER=Engagement/Mentorship/Practicing being our best selves/Whole picture/Empathy/Reciproicty).

We are located on the ground level of Augustine Hall.

Please come and visit us!