FALL 2016

August 26, 2016

Yes! Yes! Yes! Coming to Terms with Consent and Preventing Sexual Violence

Jeff Bucholtz of We End Violence will be presenting at Weekend of Welcome to the incoming first-year students. Yes! Yes! Yes! uses humor, audience interaction, popular culture analysis, and performance to take a critical look at the ways in which our culture facilitates sexual violence. 

The Saint Mary’s College Women’s Resource Center is dedicated to creating a campus environment that empowers women and men to envision and engage in a life that maximizes their academic, personal, and spiritual growth.

The Women's Resource Center uses a collaborative model and provides five main modules of service. These modules include education, outreach, support, empowerment and referrals. The WRC seeks to enhance the Saint Mary's learning experience by fostering a supportive, inclusive environment for women and men of all backgrounds, ages and belief systems, while promoting and practicing acceptance and collaboration. It strives to give students the knowledge and tools to recognize and challenge sexism, racism, ethnocentrism, classism, socialized gender roles, homophobia, and other forms of oppression and 'isms' which affect women and men negatively.

Although St. Mary's College of California is a safe campus, the Women's Resource Center acknowledges that, by virtue of being a part of the larger society, the campus is not immune from issues like sexual assault and dating violence. In response, the WRC is committed to proactively educating students, and to providing resources and referrals to students affected by these issues. The Women's Resource Center is committed to including men in the movement to end violence against women. 

To learn more about our modules of education, outreach, support, empowerment and referrals, please feel free to read our pdf.