Ethical Standards of Practice

The following describes the ethical standards by which the Women's Resource Center operates. 
  1. The WRC is committed to serving all students regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or ideological background in a way that is fair and consistent.
  2. The WRC professional and student staff practice confidentiality by keeping information about who utilizes the WRC’s services private and not disclosing names or other identifying information. 
  3. The Director of Sexual Assault Prevention is able to meet with students confidentially regarding sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking. The Director will offer referrals and services both on campus and in the community to persons disclosing sexual assault. Students can speak with her without initiating a formal report.
  4. If a student is at risk for harming him/herself or someone else, confidentiality may be broken in order to provide appropriate resources or support services.              
  5.  The WRC provides advocacy and support to students. Its services compliment but do not replace the services of the Counseling & Psych services center.
  6.  The WRC staff will not release private information relating to a student without a signed release from the respective student.
  7.    The WRC staff respects and adheres to the guidelines established by the institution regarding the educational materials.
  8. The WRC utilizes institutional funds for the purpose of programming, outreach, education, and research.