Welcome to Italian, the language of love, music, art, film, literature, fashion, architecture, food, and passionate people!  


Rediscover your 'inner' Italian: 

  • Explore the fascinating three millennia of rich Italian civilization, and find out how it shaped the world we live in today. 
  • Jump into the history and culture through hands-on experiences, from making pasta to attending an Italian Renaissance Ball.
  • Get ready for a semester in Italy by preparing to become a 'real' Italian.
  • Get connected to the Italian communities of the Bay Area, which offers internships and scholarships.
  • Enrich your curriculum with interdisciplinary courses that open your eyes to art, history, music, and literature.
  • Learn the language that connects you to important business ranging from cars, to fashion to food and wine. 
It is great to be Italian!
Pasta making Making pasta from scratch