International Careers

International Careers

Love being an international jet setter?  Well here are some resources and options for students to continue being abroad!

Now that you have all these global skills, use them in your professional life. The best place to start is to make an appointment with the Career Center.  They can help you incorporate your study abroad experience in to your resume, job search and interviews.

Work/Intern Abroad

  • Au Pair – You provide live-in childcare and housework for a family in exchange for room, board, and a stipend. There are agencies online that help match potential families and au pairs, but do your research to make sure the agency is reputable. 
  • Working Holiday Visa – Visa that allows you to work while abroad, but you are typically not tied to one position. Eligibility, requirements, and available destination countries depend on your citizenship.
  • Student Travel Companies – Working for a student travel company, you lead a group of high school students on short-term overseas trips. Below are a few organizations: 

Additional Resources