Residential Life & Dining

Please find below adjustments to residential life and dining for Summer and Fall 2021.  

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General Housing

Residential Occupancy: Reduced Density

Residential occupancy has been modified to reduce density on campus (for updated housing pricing, click here). Should any student need to live on campus, please contact to secure a room! 

Floor, Roommate & Suitemate Agreements 

Professional and student live-in staff will build upon the existing practice of roommate agreements to develop community guidelines and expectations for each hall. Community agreements will align with the Gaels Wellness Pledge. 

Health & Safety Inspections 

Professional and student staff will build upon existing health and safety inspections to conduct health and safety inspections more regularly to ensure appropriate actions are being taken by students to promote physical distancing and personal health. 

Lounges, Common Spaces, & Hall Kitchens

Residence hall lounges, common spaces, and hall kitchens will be modified to promote physical distancing. Students will be expected to follow posted rules for these spaces, including limited occupancy, the requirement of facial coverings, and guidelines for cleaning. 

Keeping Connected to Each Other

Saint Mary’s residential staff will continue to engage and connect with residents through virtual and unique programming. Regular opportunities will happen for staff to connect with residents and create social events.

Visitors & Guests of Residents

Visitors and guests of residential students are allowed on campus, as long as they adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Residence Hall Visitor Policy for Residential Students. Visitors/guests are expected to follow the College guidelines. As residents continue to host guests and visitors on campus, residential hosts must complete the revised Guest/Visitor Registration link. The Office of Residential Experience will communicate with residents in advance with the process and appropriate registration forms to register visitors/guests.  Please contact the Office of Residential Experience for any questions/concerns:; (925) 631-4236.

residence hall Visitor Policy

Isolation & Quarantine Planning

Saint Mary's has a comprehensive Residential Care Plan to isolate or quarantine residents who become ill with or are exposed to COVID-19.  Our Care Management Team will work with students who choose to safely return home for their isolation/quarantine or stay on-campus.

 Residential Care Plan Includes:

  • Room relocation to include a private restroom.
  • Regularly scheduled health checks.
  • Emotional support.
  • Meal delivery.
  • Support services as needed.

Students are not permitted to leave their room during isolation/quarantine (this includes attending in-person classes, going for food pick-up or accessing campus resources).  Any exceptions must be approved by the Health & Wellness Center staff or assigned Care Liaison.

a resource guide for quarantine and isolation

Informal Social Gatherings

Residential students may engage in informal outdoor social gatherings (i.e. informal hangouts among students living on campus).  In compliance with the CDPH Guidance on Social Gatherings, such gatherings can include students living in three different rooms or suites (households) up to 18 students (e.g. 3 suites of 6).

Facial coverings and physical distancing of at least 6 feet social distancing is always required. Gatherings can be up to 2 hours or less; those with COVID-related symptoms should not attend. While at this time (Tier 1), indoor events are not enabled, when they are, singing and chanting are not permitted. 

Households are defined as follows at SMC:


  • Suites: Each suite is a household (N=6 per suite)
  • Townhouses: Each townhouse is a household (N=4 to 6)
  • Traditional residence halls: Each sleeping room is a household (N=1)


  • Students living in a house/apartment together are considered to be part of the same household
  • Students living in different houses/apartments are considered part of different households


Dining Services

Residential Dining | Hours of Operation

Sodexo food services, the contracted food service provider for Saint Mary’s, is partnering with College personnel to develop and modify existing dining services and facilities. Meal plans will be adjusted to best serve student needs. Dining facilities will be modified to promote physical distancing and ‘grab & go’ options will be increased. Café Louis and The 1928 Pub will also see modified operations to promote physical distancing and encourage healthy practices.