JCL Learning Outcomes

JCL Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing the JCL Program, students will be able to...


1.    [Knowledge] Demonstrate knowledge of the ways systemic inequities (e.g. economic, racial, gender, environmental) are reproduced and interconnected historically and in our contemporary world. 

2.    [Research] Using appropriate library and information literacy skills, evaluate and apply research methodologies in ways that challenge dominant assumptions about knowledge production to articulate, interpret and contribute to social justice.

3.   [Community Application] Collaborate with diverse community formations to imagine, co-construct, organize for and sustain strategies that contribute to a more just social order. 

4.    [Communication] Utilize oral, written, artistic, expressive and new media formats to advocate for transformative social change with attention to audience and power relations. 

5.    [Reflection] Demonstrate cultural humility and an understanding of one’s positionality within historical and intersecting systems of power. 

6[Analysis] Utilize critical transdisciplinary lenses to analyze unjust power relations and systemic oppression, centering the experiences, histories, and visions of oppressed communities.