Community College+2 Teacher Education Pathway


From transfer student to classroom teacher 

Earn your BA in Justice, Community, and Leadership (JCL) plus a Multiple Subject or Mild/Moderate Education Specialist teaching credential in 4 years.

Saint Mary’s College of California has partnered with Bay Area community colleges to make transferring into our integrated teacher credentialing program simple. Students can transfer at any time by following the course guidelines from their community college. Students who complete their AA in Early Childhood Education (ECE) are eligible to receive an additional PK-3 teacher credential.

Start Term: Fall 2024 


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Why earn your JCL BA + Teaching Credential at Saint Mary's College of California?

Embracing a holistic and compassionate approach to teacher education, we inspire students to collaboratively foster inclusive and nurturing learning environments for everyone. Rooted in our dedication to the Lasallian Core Principles, we passionately advocate for social justice, and our teacher education programs equip students to emerge as educational leaders both in and beyond the classroom.

Excellent record of job placements

Graduates of Saint Mary's College's teaching credential program have a notable history of successfully securing teaching positions and are highly sought-after educators. The program's robust and collaborative relationships with Bay Area school districts ensure that our teachers are thoroughly prepared to address community needs, making a positive impact on the quality of education in California.

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Continue on to a Master of Arts in Teaching

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Interested in pursuing a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAIT)?

Getting your teaching credential is a great first step towards a rewarding teaching career. In less than a year, you can earn a Master of Arts in Teaching. Working your way up the salary pay scale with this advanced degree is definitely worth the small additional investment of time. 

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