Mathematics, Computer Science Track, BS

Mathematics, Computer Science Track, BS

Acquire the skills and knowledge to make your mark in the tech sector, the fastest growing industry on earth.

This track is designed for Mathematics students interested in emphasizing in Computer Science. Our program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of mathematics, coding, and algorithmic programming as well as a working knowledge of fundamental science. All of this takes place within small, discussion-rooted classes, a hallmark of the liberal arts tradition.

Guided by our renowned, approachable faculty, you’ll hone your ability to wrestle with unfamiliar problems, the tools to investigate topics in-depth, and the communication skills needed to share information with others. We’re committed to providing you with hands-on opportunities through the laboratory, field research at home and abroad, and independent study.

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Upon successfully completing the Mathematics major, students will be able to...

  • Demonstrate a mastery of the core SMC undergraduate mathematics curriculum;
  • Communicate mathematical ideas and concepts correctly and clearly in both oral and written forms using mathematical reasoning and terminology and symbolic representation;
  • Undertake scholarly investigations using appropriate mathematical resources;
  • Integrate the use of technological tools into their investigations; and
  • Demonstrate knowledge of connections within mathematics and applications to other fields

Saint Mary's Testimonials

Dominica Masarova '21

“Having graduated from Saint Mary's as a Math major with a concentration in Computer Science, I have been lucky enough to spend the last year working as a Data Analyst for British Airways in Europe. The impact of the wonderful math professors at Saint Mary's is easily seen in the skill set they have prepared me with, enabling me to do my job. However, I must admit that a huge advantage has come from the liberal arts approach that Saint Mary's applies in every class setting, instilling an effective communication which sits at the core of every report, analysis, and presentation I do.”

Dominica Masarova, Class of 2021

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