Daily Health Screenings

Complete a daily health screening with the LiveSafe App before you leave your residence. Download below.

Students, faculty, and staff who are planning on being on campus will need to complete a daily health screening before leaving their residence through the LiveSafe application. This is a key step to preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our College community. There are two places where you can fill out the health screening. See options below.

If a student, employee, contractor, vendor, or guest answers yes to any of the questions from the Livesafe app and does not pass their health screening, they are not permitted to enter the campus.  

  • Students
    SMC Students need to stay home, contact the Health Center or their primary health care provider, and follow their guidance. Follow the protocol listed on this page.
  • Employees
    SMC Employees need to contact their supervisor and consider contacting their primary care physician.  SMC Employees must notify Human Resources if receive a laboratory-positive test for COVID-19 or if they are unable to work remotely.

Complete your Daily Health Screening by either of the two options below.

Option 1
Health Screening With the LiveSafe App

Conveniently complete your daily health screening on your phone by downloading the LiveSafe app.

Guide to Downloading The Livesafe app


Option 2
Health Screening On a Desktop Computer

Your daily health screening can also be done through the online form below as an alternative to the Smartphone App.

SMC Students & Employees

Visitors, GUests, Contractors & Vendors