Moodle upgrade Monday, December 21, 2020

Moodle will be upgraded from version 3.7 to 3.9 Monday December 21st, between 5:00 and 8:00 AM. Moodle will be unavailable during this time.

Forum grading is much improved.

Important changes

  • Forum grading is much improved, and there are additional options and reports for forums.

    • In Forum settings, there is a new section, Whole forum grading. In the box Grade, choose either Points or a scale (for example A+ scale) to assign a grade for this forum. Also choose a Maximum grade if using Points. Now a Grade button will appear in the forum posts.

    • You can choose to use a rubric for grading.

    • From the grading page, you can search or scroll through students, expand the parent post, and see all posts for that forum. 

    • You can still use the existing Rating system as before. In fact, if you want, you can use both systems in parallel to put two grades into the gradebook, for example, one in the Participation category, and another in the Forum Posts category. 

  • The Search Forums box appears at the top of forum pages.

  • The Summary Report is a new option in Forum Settings. It lists the number of Posts, Replies, Attachments, Views, word count, character count, and the timestamp of the first post, and most recent post. This also allows you to export forums in Excel, HTML, and other formats. 

  • You can now export to Excel, HTML, and other formats.

  • Moodle now supports Echo 360 for lecture capture, video storage, and video quizzes.

Less Important Changes & Reminders

  • Activity Chooser improvements - You can star the ones you use most often so that only they appear in your list. 

  • Improved Question Bank - You can check a box to see the prompt in the Edit screen

    • The Tags now appear in the row with the name.

  • Polleverywhere integration.

  • Participants List - improved searching options Participants39options.png

  • The text editor now has a button to show the current word count.  It autosaves drafts every 60 seconds, and "Draft saved" appears briefly underneath the edit box.
    Screen shot showing the placement of the Word Count button.

  • The new Dates report puts your assignment and activity due dates all on one page.  This facilitates changing the lot in one go after you've imported from a previous course.  Course home page -> Menu -> Reports -> Dates

  • For faculty, the SMC Roster report shows your students' ID photos (if they have one) in order to help learn students' faces more quickly.   Course home page -> Menu -> Reports -> SMC Roster
  • New themes are available: Adaptable, Fordson, and Klass. Choose them from the Course settings page (opens in a new tab).