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Library/Saint Albert Hall Library/Saint Albert Hall

Library/Saint Albert Hall


Classroom Resources
Technology training is available for faculty, staff and students;
contact ITS Help Desk:  925-631-4266 or visit your nearest tech bar.
Housekeeping & climate control concerns; contact Facilities Services: 925-631-4286
Scheduling concerns; contact Scheduling & Special Events:  925-631-4322


AV system, includes ceiling mounted LCD Projector, SmartBoard, Dell PC, VGA Laptop connection cable. A list of what is in the room can be found below. The Conference Room is only used for Library meetings and activities.  Rarely, an exception may be made by the Dean. Please contact the library for more information.

Library Conference Room Image

Dell PC, Windows 10

XGA LCD Projector

SmartBoard Display

VGA laptop connection cable

Amplified Audio from PC or Laptop

The Wildenradt Instruction Room is reserved for Library instruction and is not available through the Office of Scheduling and Special Events room reservation system. The AV system includes; Epson Interactive Projector, Dell PC, Document Camera, VGA/HDMI Laptop Connection, combo DVD/VCR player and Wireless Display Mirroring: AppleTV AirPlay and WiDi (ScreenBeam)

Computers, as well as black and white and color printers are available in the Library for student, faculty and staff use.  Two workstations and a fee-based printer are available for guest use. Workstations paired with scanners are available on all three floors, and have special accessibility software, including Kurzweil and JAWS.  Wireless access is available for both SMC and guest users.