Classroom A/V Standard Installations and Tutorials

Classroom A/V Standard Installations and Tutorials
Classroom A/V Standard Installations and Tutorials

 IT Services has installed Standard Classroom A/V technologies that enable computer and video display and have been standardized with similar A/V controls to maximize familiarity from one room to the next.  We are working, and are close, to having these standards in all general use classrooms and laboratories. This Standard A/V Classroom  setup includes:  - A ceiling or wall mounted data projector with wall mounted screen.  - Teachers workstation PC, or Mac-Mini (In Filippi Academic Hall)  -Laptop Connection Cables (VGA and HDMI) *MAC Laptops may require an adapter if no HDMI)  -AppleTV (allows wireless mirroring (AirPlay) of iOS devices)  -Document Camera  -DVD/VCR player  -Amplified Audio from all sources  *There remains a few classrooms that have not been upgraded to this standard and are classified as Media Lite Classrooms.*New for 2020, we have also recently enhanced 18 classrooms with the new HyFlex Classroom designation.(see below)  Please call the IT Services Desk if you need assistance operating any of the classroom technology: Ext.4266, (925) 631-4266

Find video tutorials for current standards by building and how to connect via iPads, adapters, cables, and Apple TVs.  Current buildings that have been upgraded to the stardard are: Galileo, Garaventa, Sichel, FAH, Brousseau and Dante.

Building Specific Videos  Cables, Adaptors, iPads, Apple TV

Galileo Hall




Using your iPad in a classroom (Wired)



These classrooms are distinguished by having a Teacher’s Workstation Computer and a Document Camera. Full Standard A/V Classrooms have either a ceiling or wall mounted data projector, Teachers workstation computer, HDMI and VGA Laptop connection cables, AppleTV, Document Camera, DVD/VHS players, and Audio from all sources.


 MEDIA LITE CLASSROOMS: These classrooms do not have the Teacher's Workstation Computer or a Document Camera. All other functions are the same as our Standard A/V Classrooms.

FAH Classrooms:
205 (Conference Room)

-These classrooms with a ‘Seminar’ distinction are equipped with only a TV with HDMI and VGA Laptop Connections, and a DVD/VHS player.
Dante Hall:


** NEW IN 2020:


These classrooms have a ceiling mounted PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Web Camera, USB Microphone and Dual PC Monitor set-up for enhanced Zoom feature capabilities.

Brousseau Hall:

109, 113, 114, 119, 209, 213, 229, 309

Dante Hall:

114, 204, 215, 218, 220

Garaventa Hall:

130, 140

Sichel Hall:


Galileo Hall:

105, 201

*The Wildenradt Theater has a Full Media Classroom set-up but is only scheduled by Library staff.