Application Forms and Informed Consent

This page provides you: application forms and instructions; tips for choosing the correct application type; and the review process tutorial. 

General Application Instructions

To help us with our new electronic record-keeping for applications, please submit your application as a single file with your last name_application as the name of the file (e.g. Smith_application.pdf). Please submit any appendices to your applications as a single PDF or Word file with your last name_appendices as the name of the file (e.g. Smith_appendices). If you need to scan printed material to convert it to PDF, there is a scanner available in the SMC library.

All completed forms and/or applications must be submitted to the SMC IRB committee via the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application MOODLE site. If you are a studetn, your supervising faculty should submit your application. 


Which Application Type Fits My Study?   

Please view this application decision making flow chart to choose the right type of application for your study. 

If you are a student conducting research or are a faculty member directing student research, please see our information on student research.


Application Form for a New Study

  • Secondary Analysis of Data: If you are conducting research that is exempt and involves the analysis of data that already exist, use this application form.


Sample Forms

Recruitment Script

Consent Form for Adult Participants: To find out more about the process of informed consent in research, see our Informed Consent Process guidelines.

Parental/Guardian Consent and Child Assent/Consent Forms 

Audio/Video Release Form


Continuing Research 

This form must be completed for ANY non-exempt research that continues more than 12 months beyond the original IRB approval date. Please also note that for ANY non-exempt research that continues for more than 24 months after the original IRB approval date, the IRB application must be resubmitted.