Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing the JCL Program, students will be able to...

1.    [Knowledge] Demonstrate an understanding of engaged pedagogy, critical theory, and social systems as related to justice and leadership studies and be able to apply theoretical explanations to empirical examples.

2.    [Research] Use data analysis and interpretation, appropriate library and information literacy skills, and field research to articulate and interpret the complexities of significant social issues.

3.    [Application] By using leadership studies and critical theory, assess a complex social or community issue and develop multiple viable strategies that contribute to a more just social order.

4.    [Communication] Effectively use oral, written, and new media formats to educate, advocate, and collaborate with multiple audiences.

5.    [Reflection] Demonstrate, through written and oral self-assessment and reflection, an understanding of the impact of their own academic learning experience and how it prepares them for a life of active citizenship.