Math and Computer Science

Learn how to understand the physical world around us and the abstract world within us...

Math and Computer Science

Mathematics and Computer Science students acquire analytical and problem-solving skills that can be used in both the natural and social sciences, and become adept as using the computer as a tool for complex problem-solving. You can work toward a Bachelor of Science, explore careers in secondary education, focus on computer science, or pursue a split major with a variety of other disciplines.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a major or minor in Mathematics. The major in Mathematics offers three tracks: Pure, Applied, or Computer Science.  Students also have the option to participate in the 3+2 Computer Science program, which combines the benefits of a liberal arts education at Saint Mary's with the technical training in advanced Computer Science at a large university.  

More information about the department, its programs, and its faculty can be found on the department home page.

Mathematics & Computer Science