Teachers for Tomorrow (TFT)

Earn your degree and teaching credential as an undergraduate!

Teachers for Tomorrow (TFT) 

The Justice, Community and Leadership (JCL) undergraduate major offers three teacher education concentrations: Education Specialist, Multiple Subject, and Single Subject. This interdisciplinary program stresses critical inquiry, leadership, global perspectives, social and environmental stewardship, and self-assessment. It prepares students to be leaders within and outside of the classroom to address the critical educational challenges of our times.

4-year Education Concentrations

Multiple Subject Teacher Education (MSTE)

Students earn their JCL Bachelor of Arts and a preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential to work in K-8 classrooms.

Education Specialist Teacher Education (SPED)

Students earn their JCL Bachelor of Art and a preliminary Education Specialist Teaching Credential for K-12 students with mild-to-moderate disabilities.

4+1 Education Concentration

Single Subject Teacher Education Minor (SS4+1)

Students earn their Bachelor of Arts or Science in the subject they wish to teach, and a preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential in their fifth year to work in middle- and high-school classrooms.

Key features:

  • Integrated curriculum: teacher preparation courses taught along with liberal arts courses
  • Early classroom experiences
  • Opportunity to take the program as a cohort with the same advisors and the same in-school experiences
  • Ongoing support from field-based supervisors and professors
  • Student teacher placements in culturally and socioeconomically, diverse settings
  • Each year involves community engagement and courses that are partnered with community agencies and public schools
  • Dedication to culturally relevant teaching, restorative justice, and community cultural wealth

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Financial Aid: 

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Program Contacts:

Monica Fitzgerald
Program Director
(925) 631-4605