Fall 2011 Study Abroad Fair, September 28th, 11am-2pm, Ferroggiaro Quad

An event dedicated to learning more about ways to study abroad around the world!

Center for International Programs
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January Term
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Maria D. Flores, Associate Director for Center for International Programs
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Sue Fallis, Director
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Study Abroad

Think about the Possibilities. Explore the World. Discover your Potential.

Saint Mary’s has been recognized as a leader in international education.  The Institute of International Education ranks Saint Mary’s in the top 10 among masters-level institutions for the number students per capita that study abroad.  U.S. News & World Report has also included Saint Mary’s among the top 100 institutions in its list “Best Colleges: Most Students Studying Abroad.” 

Considering studying abroad?  Saint Mary’s offers two programs with international opportunities: The Center for International Programs and January Term.

The Center for International Programs will provide you will services including:

  • Study Abroad Advising
  • Cross Cultural Counseling
  • Pre–Departure Preparation
  • Visa/Passport Assistance
  • Re-Entry Orientation
  • Study Abroad Fairs

Visit the Center for International Programs to learn more. 

January Term
This month-long session that allows you to explore an elective in greater depth at an accelerate pace all over the world.  January Term travel classes allow you to learn first-hand about cultures like South Africa, Colombia and Tonga.  Gain perspectives valuable to the global business environment.   To learn more visit the January Term Web site.