CIP Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

CIP Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

To the Saint Mary’s Community, 

The Center for International Programs’ fundamental mission is the accessibility to the transformative experiences within international and intercultural education. We are committed to diversity and inclusion as an essential aspect of our value system, and strive to further promote connections across borders in the pursuit of building a more equitable, understanding and just world. However, these goals are meaningless without the recognition of the systemic injustices that lie at the center of our society. Over the last few weeks, we have been reminded of the violent, racial inequities faced by the Black and African American community. We have borne witness to the loss of life and ongoing trauma of racial disparity plaguing the United States. 

Although these realities may not seem traditionally connected to the field of international education, they frame the reality we live in as a global community. Racism manifests itself in a variety of insidious ways, and we recognize that it is not enough to acknowledge, but we must actively work against it. 

At the Center for International Programs we pledge our support to our students and colleagues of color. We seek to educate and be educated on pertinent issues facing our community continuously. Most importantly, we stand in solidarity because black lives matter. 

The Saint Mary's College Library has compiled resources now available online. FIND OUT MORE.

The CIP Team