Concurrent Enrollment

International students can take courses at other institutions and possibly transfer those credits to Saint Mary's to count toward their degree

Concurrent Enrollment

International students have the option to take courses at other SEVP-certified instituions while studying at Saint Mary's, and possibly transfer the credits back to SMC to count towards graduation.  Most community colleges and extended learning institutions will welcome international students to take one or two courses during the summer, fall and spring terms.  It is important to note that Saint Mary's and the Center for International Programs will continue to maintain your SEVIS record and the sponsorship of your student visa.

Applying for Concurrent Enrollment

Step 1: Speak with your Academic Advisor

  • Make sure that the class(es) that you plan to take at the other institution will count toward your degree at SMC
  • Discuss which SMC degree requirements the class(es) will satisfy

Step 2: Speak with the Registrar's Office

  • Ensure that the class(es) you plan to take at the other institution will transfer back to SMC
  • Check the Transfer Equivalency Portal to see if the class you plan to take has an equivalent SMC course
  • If not, you will need to complete the Transfer Credit Approval Form to have the class(es) transfer to SMC

Step 3: Request a Letter of Support for Concurrent Enrollment from the Center for International Programs

Step 4: Provide the Registrar's Office with an official transcript from your other school

  • This will begin the process of transfering the class(es) to Saint Mary's

Suggested Documents to Provide to the Other Institution

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your SMC I-20
  • Copy of your F-1 visa
  • Copy of your I-94
  • Letter of Support for Concurrent Enrollment from the Center for International Programs
  • Any other document(s) requested by the other institution