Health Insurance

United Health is mandatory for all F-1 & J-1 international students

Due to the extremely high cost of health care in the United States and concern for student's wellbeing, health insurance is mandatory for all F-1 and J-1 international undergraduate and graduate students.  All students are required to purchase the United Health medical insurance plan offered by Saint Mary's, regardless of pre-exisiting insurance coverage. 

Cost Overview for 2022-2023

United Health will provide major and minor medical services in the event of illness or an accident.  United Health provides coverage for sickness and accidents only, and does not provide dental or vision coverage. 

Undergraduate Student Cost & Billing Cycle

$2,607 USD will be billed during the student's first semester at Saint Mary's and during each fall semester after that.

Graduate & Professional Students Cost & Billing Cycle

$3,329 USD will be billed during the student's first term at Saint Mary's and during each fall semester or autumn quarter after that.

Coverage Dates

August 01 through July 31.

Medical Insurance Card

United Health will not mail physical insurance cards, so students are encouraged to download the StudentHealth app on their smartphone or other smart device to access their ID card, benefits and claims.

From your mobile device or tablet, go to the App Store or Google Play and search for "StudentHealth".  Download the app and follow the instructions to register your account.

From your computer, go to, and choose "Register Now".

Alumni & Health Insurance Options

United Health will not insure any alumni who are no longer enrolled in classes at Saint Mary's.  If you have graduated and wish to continue coverage with United Health, you will need to contact them directly to inquire about their individual insurance policies.  Alumni are also eligible to enroll in an insurance policy offered by their employer.  Otherwise, alumni can choose to purchase health insurance through any provider that has a policy to fit their needs.

Overview of U.S. Healthcare System

This video teaches international students how to prepare for their arrival in the US, how the US healthcare system works and how students should seek medical care appropriately if they become sick or injured.