Element #3: Personal Example

Element #3: Personal Example

Element #3: Personal Example


Education happens through genuine personal relationships. Technology is indifferent to personal relationships and may seduce us towards seemingly equivalent substitutes.  If education and technology are to be integrated, whey will do so via the dynamics of personal relationships. And one of the dynamics that is most powerful is that of personal example.






To Introduce: Like De La Salle did, write down “Rules I have imposed on Myself” in terms of your personal use of technology.  

Put your rules into your syllabus, and articulate that you expect (or hope) students will follow them.  These may include “Respond to email within XX hours,” “Grade all papers within X days,” “Carefully follow my own netiquette rules.


To Enhance: Ask your students to give you some feedback about your use of personal technology, and then decide the better course ahead.

Moodle’s Feedback tool is one way to get feedback from students.

3 Consider taking an online class yourself, or one of Infobase’s faculty learning pathways.

The Infobase pathways of particular note include:

  1. Teaching Online: The Basics
  2. Designing Your Online Course
  3. Facilitating an Online Course in an LMS
  4. Teaching Online and Hybrid