Spring Interim Stay & Summer Housing

Spring Interim Stay & Summer Housing

Thank you for your interest in an interim stay or summer housing at Saint Mary's College! Summer Housing requests for 2023 are due on Sunday, May 14th. 


Interim Stay: Any student living on campus enrolled in the Spring 2023 semester will be eligible for interim stay, but must receive approval from Campus Housing. Interim stay is the immediate time after the closure of the residence halls in May.

Summer Housing:  Students who are enrolled for either Summer 2023 term or the Fall 2023 term are eligible for on campus housing during the summer. 

How To Apply/Request:

Please complete and submit the 2023 Interim Stay / Summer Housing request form by May 14th. Once submitted, the Campus Housing Office will follow up with further details on your request. 

Interim Stay Dates and Costs:

All students who wish to stay on campus after move-out, 12pm on May 19, 2023, must complete the 2023 Interim Stay & Summer Housing Application by no later than Sunday, May 14th.

Requests will not be accepted after May 14th. All requests received after May 14th will accrue a $50 late fee. A rental charge per night will be applied to a student's account and is based on the current residence hall assignment.  Graduating Seniors are permitted to stay until 12pm on Sunday, May 21st, but must sign up utilizing the form as well.

All students who wish to stay on campus past May 21, 2023 must apply for summer housing. 

Interim Stay Rates



       $45 per night

     $50 per night

Summer Housing

Summer Housing Dates & Costs:

Costs will be determined by which room type you receive and length of stay.  All requests for singles are subject to availability.

Students will be charged the appropriate weekly room rate by the number of weeks as indicated by expected check-out date on the 2023 Interim Stay & Summer Housing Application.

Students who move-out prior to their indicated check-out date will receive a $100 early termination fee. 

Length of Stay Room Style Total Price
12 Weeks Single $2,500.00
6 Weeks Single $1,500.00
1 Week Single $300.00
12 Weeks Double $2,000.00
6 Weeks Double $1,200.00
1 Week Double $250.00


Meal Plans: At this time there will not be any meal plans available for purchase and are not included in room costs listed above, but students can purchase Flex dollars to be used in Oliver Hall, Coffee Shop, etc.  Learn more about dining options by clicking here.


Summer Residence Hall:

All summer residents will be housed in a single residence hall (TBD at this time). Students will be placed into either a single or double, dependent on availability. 

Important Dates...

Students on campus who are approved for summer housing will move to their summer assignment the weekend of May 26-May 29, 2023, at the latest.  Campus Housing will send more detail transition moving logistics information prior.

Students off campus who are approved for summer housing will move into their summer assignment the weekend of May 26, 2023.