Graduate Student Housing Options


Graduate Student Housing Options

Graduate students are eligible to live in almost all of our residence halls, ranging from the suite style halls in the canyon area (sophomores, juniors, transfers, seniors and up), as well as the townhouse apartment style residence halls (juniors, transfers, seniors and up).  Starting Fall 2024, Campus Housing is setting aside spaces for graduate students to live in community together in Becket Hall and More Hall. If you are looking for direct access to a kitchen within unit, you'll want to consider the townhouse apartments, where there is a shared kitchen within the unit and these housing assignments require only a partial meal plan.  If you are looking for a single bedroom, you should look at the suite style halls, as the only singles on campus are suite style single bedrooms that are within suites.

Campus Housing costs can be found on the tuition and fees page, and while we typically bill semesterly, Campus Housing can work on a billing process that works with your program (eg. quarter term students).  Students who are interested in Campus Housing will fill out a housing application via the Residence Life Housing Portal that can be located under  Not sure how to apply?  Click here to learn more about the process.  Please note that while the guides may have academic year specific dates on them, the process remains the same, with the only other exception for graduate students being we may need you to manually create an account in our StarRez Housing Portal by clicking here if you were not also an undergraduate student at Saint Mary's College of California.

Do you only need short term on-campus housing?  Campus Housing is happy to work with you for short term housing accommodations as well.  Please contact us at for more information.

If at any point you have any questions or run into issues in the process, please reach out to us via or 925-631-4241

Graduate Student Housing Community

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Becket Hall & More Hall

While graduate students are able to live in almost any of our 21 residence halls, starting Fall 2024 we are setting aside spaces in Becket Hall and More Hall, for graduate students to live together in community as well as transfer students.