Virtual Tours & Floor Plans

Our Virtual Tours, Layouts, and Floorplans

Want to visualize your future home? Plan out your decorations? Take a look at our virtual tours!  Room & Board rates can be found here.
lower townhouse layout updated

Lower Townhouses

Lower Townhouse Virtual Tour (eg. Syufy Hall)

Townhouse Floorplans

Here's an explanation of the lower townhouse style floor plan

Lower Townhouse Layout pdf

Syufy, Sabatte, Thille, Freitas, Guerrieri East, Guerrieri West

suite style updated

Suite Style Residence Halls (Sophomores and Up!)

Suite Style Virtual Tour (eg. Claeys North)

Canyon Area Suite Style Floorplans 

Here's an explanation of the suite style floor plan

Suite Style Layout pdf

Ageno A, Ageno B, Ageno C, Claeys North, Claeys South, Becket*, More*

dorm double layout

Traditional Double Style Residence Halls (First Year Halls)

Dorm Double Hall Virtual Tour  (eg. Augustine Hall)

Central Campus Traditional Dorm Style Floorplans  

Traditional Double (Dorm Double) Layout pdf 

Augustine, Aquinas* (suite style), Justin, De La Salle, Mitty, Assumption