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Connecting intellect with the outside world.

The KSOE is an academic resource center and active-learning environment specializing in environmental literacy, Lasallian pedagogy, leadership, literacy and urban education. It is known for partnerships with schools and other organizations emphasizing community engagement, action research and community-based research.



children reading

Comprehensive Literacy Center

The KSOE is proud to be a Reading Recovery University Training Center, one of 19 university sites for this post-graduate program in North America. The Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders currently enrolled in our program provide teacher training in school districts in four states. Directed by Adria Klein, PhD, the program is a research-based reading intervention program which targets low-achieving 1st graders. The program was recently awarded a "proven" rating by the Promising Practices Network (PPN), an organization that reviews research evidence of programs and practices that are proven to improve outcomes for children.

Vinci Chan, 2018 River of Words

The Center for Environmental Literacy

The Center for Environmental Literacy explores and promotes environmental education in schools and communities worldwide. River of Words, the Center for Environmental Literacy's signature program, provides tools for teaching environmental literacy to children, teens and teachers through art and poetry.

KSOE students gathered on campus near the SMC Art Museum

The Leadership Center

The Leadership Center is a network of practitioners, educators, scholars, professionals, community members and citizens in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Its mission is to enhance leadership capacity in order to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Our programs and services integrate contemporary academic theories of leadership and organizational change with proven, practical, action-based approaches to serving our communities, organizations and society.