For KSOE Alumni


Gaels for life!

KSOE alumni are important members of our community, engaging in a wide range of professional development, service and networking events.

Our alumni also provide a perspective on the currency and effectiveness of our curriculum. Find out how you can stay connected and get involved:


Let's connect!

KSOE alumni events provide opportunities for alums to develop contacts, exchange information and job prospects, collaborate on projects, and have fun together. 



We believe in lifelong learning.

Lifelong learning is an essential component to the liberal arts tradition of Saint Mary's College.  And in our professions, professional development is a key component to continued success.  

The KSOE provides many opportunities for its alumni to grow and prosper:



Plenty of ways to volunteer.

Alumni share the Lasallian spirit of service. They give back to the community and Saint Mary's College by volunteering for KSOE activities and outreach projects that enhance the SMC student experience, quality of education and the lives of the population we serve.

Our alumni are invited to:

  • Participate as alumni ambassadors to promote the KSOE through your professional, community and personal networks
  • Contribute to our admissions efforts by serving as a referral source and/or by participating in activities to help recruit qualified and talented students
  • Serve on panels and as guest speakers bringing forth your professional expertise to current and future students
  • Serve as members of the KSOE advisory boards
  • Mentor KSOE students as they develop and/or advance their careers


KSOE Alumni Steering Committee

What is the Alumni Steering Committee?

KSOE Alumni Steering Committee is comprised of the school’s leading graduates and ambassadors. They bring expertise, skills and relationships that serve to advance the priorities of the KSOE Dean’s strategic vision. Members are eager to be engaged and supportive of the school’s outreach and community relations’ efforts.


Role of Alumni Steering Committee members:

  • Enhance the reputation and visibility of the school and its pprograms, locally and regionally
  • Be a willing advocate, participant and spokesperson for Saint Mary's College and the KSOE
  • Offer expertise in support of the dean's leadership and strategic vision
  • Participate in the school's engagement and student recruitment efforts, including:
  • Identifying potential donors and prospective students
  • Cultivating relationships between supportive and strategic partnerships
  • Attending school-sponsored events and activities related to professional networking, education and admissions


Questions about alumni relations, please contact us at