Leadership Department

Leadership Programs

We believe leadership is based in relationships and influencing others to collaborate, address problems, and adapt to change. Leadership can be practiced by individuals in any position, with or without formal authority.

Our programs are unique in their foundation in the mission and traditions of Saint Mary's College, their developmental and transformative goals, and approach to developing leaders. Our graduates know who they are as persons and are prepared to make changes in their world.

KSOE students gathered on campus near the SMC Art Museum

Next Steps

We're here to help you navigate the application process every step of the way. Here are some resources to give you more information about what you'll need as you get started.

"From my experience, there is no better place to take your master's, bachelor's, or doctorate degree than at Saint Mary's. This is a community where you are safe, accepted, you can be the best person you can be, with all your mentors, professors, your cohort rallying behind you."

Jocel Ibañez Lazarito - MA in Teaching Leadership '16, Preliminary Administrative Services Credential '18

"I identified Saint Mary’s because it looked good on paper. I wasn’t actually prepared for the amount of transformation and growth that I was actually going to experience in that program. It allowed me the space to really get in touch with myself, and parts of myself that I hadn’t really been in touch with for a long time. So Saint Mary's provided me [with] a lot of exploratory space."

Holly Joshi - MA in Leadership '15, Doctorate in Educational Leadership

"It was a great experience working with all the different people [in the BALOS program], the different cultures, and the diversity of the class was really important. The conversations and the work that we did together really brought a lot of value."

James Kent BA in Leadership and Organizational Development '16