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The Counseling Programs at the Kalmanovitz School of Education are the perfect blend of theory and practical experience.

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Eric Handy (MA in Counseling '15 with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy & Professional Clinical Counseling)

"The program exceeded my academic goals. I can’t speak enough to the intentionality that Saint Mary’s provides students in the counseling program, from small classrooms, to the books that you’re learning."

Andie Nishimi (MA in Counseling '20 with specializations in Marriage and Family Therapy & Professional Clinical Counseling, and School Counseling)

"Your graduate school experience provides the opportunity for abundant personal growth and transformation. Beyond the applied skills you will learn to practice in your profession, you will have the chance to build meaningful relationships with your cohort and faculty, to profoundly expand your ways of thinking, and to enter the helping professions as a true advocate for those you serve."

Jaazar Shalabi (MA in Counseling '19 with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy & Professional Clinical Counseling)

"The program changed my life in several ways for the better. It made me more mindful ... It made me want to be a better counselor, having the interactions with the people of this community, there’s something about it that carries on with you. I can see it in the field, actually working in the field, just saying you come from St Mary’s has a lot of power behind it."