Direct Deposit at SMC

Direct Deposit at SMC

Saint Mary's encourages employees to enroll in direct deposit. Benefits of doing so include:

  • timely delivery of payroll funds
  • eco-friendly, reduced use of paper
  • convenient, no need to deposit a check yourself!

Please note: direct deposit for payroll funds and "eReimbursement" for AP are two separate things.

Changing Direct Deposit in GaelXpress 2.0

To update to your current Direct Deposit for Payroll and/or AP (Refunds & Reimbursements), you will need to access your "Banking Information" link in GaelXpress 2.0.

GXP Banking Info


If you need to, you can refer to our step-by-step instructions here (must be logged in to your SMC account):

Instructions for Banking Information


Direct Deposit FAQs:


Where is the paper form? 

For security reasons, you may only submit paper forms in person with photo ID at the Business Office or Human Resources.  Bring your bank routing and account number and we will provide you with a form to fill out.  We cannot accept emailed direct deposit forms.  For secure online bank account changes, please use GaelXpress 2.0 Banking Information only.


How do I find my bank routing and account number?

If you have personal checks for your bank account, you can find a bank's routing number and your account number on the bottom (see below).  Some banks also have this information available through your online banking.  otherwise contact your financial institution:


Can I split my deposit to multiple bank accounts?

Yes!  Our system cannot accept percentage (%) split deposits, however you may designate a specific dollar amount to one (or more) bank account(s) and designate another bank account for the remainder of your net pay check.


Employee wants $200 of their paycheck deposited to Account #1 and the rest deposited to Account #2:

Deposit Account #1 
Amount: $200

Deposit Account #2
"Remainder of Net Pay Check"

Employee earns a net of $450, result:

$200 is deposited to Account #1
$250 is deposited to Account #2

Next period, employee earns only net $150, result:

$150 is deposited to Account #1
$0 is deposited to Account #2