Student Wage Scale

Student Wage Scale

Student Employment Wage Scale


PLEASE NOTE:  Post pandemic, we understand that some departments and/or employees may be continuing to operate virtually, at least temporarily.  In order to remain compliant with tax regulations, student employees must perform all work in service to the College within the State of California, including any work done remotely.

Saint Mary’s College of California
Student Employment Wage Scale

Effective 1/1/2024

The goal of the Saint Mary’s College student employee wage scale is to help maintain equitable hiring practices across campus.  Supervisors determine which range applies to each position in their department and which pay rate to assign to each student employee in each position, ensuring that the pay rate is appropriate for the level of work being done.  


Position Type Description of Responsibility

Entry Level   


Under direct supervision, performs routine and non-routine tasks that can be learned relatively easily and require only nominal judgment, analytical skills or decision-making ability.  Previous experience, specific education, or specialized skills are not required, but may be preferred.



Under general supervision, performs a variety of skilled tasks requiring previous experience and/or specialized education, or performs work requiring considerable discretion in judgment and decision-making. This may include responsibility for coordinating the work of less-experienced student employees.



Under minimal supervision, works independently to complete highly-complex assignments requiring specialized knowledge and previous experience.  The student employee may direct or mentor the work of others. The student employee is responsible for developing and presenting a legacy project to enhance the visitor experience.

In compliance with the California State Minimum Wage, the base rate of pay will increase January 1 and students with an hourly rate below the minimum will be increased to the stated minimum.

Other pay increases can be authorized at the end of training periods or any time the level of responsibility increases.  Increases should be based on changes in level of responsibility, not simply on the basis of seniority or length of time in the position.  The resulting pay rate must conform to the wage scale.  The "Student Rate Change Form" found on the Payroll Forms page is to be completed for documenting the request for the increase. 

Any exceptions to the wage scale must be submitted on the "Student Employment Wage Scale Exception Form" found on the Payroll Forms page.


Saint Mary’s College of California
Student Wage Scale


  Effective 1/1/2024 Effective 1/1/2023




2                  16.25


3 16.50


4 16.75


5 17.00


6 17.25


7 17.50


8 17.75


9 18.00



Rates are subject to change depending upon current Federal and State laws.

Any questions with regard to the Student Employment Wage Scale should be directed to the payroll office.