GXP 2.0 Time Approval FAQ

GXP 2.0 Time Approval FAQ

Q: If I am not available to review time entries, how do I delegate this task? 
A: You will need to request "Proxy Access" for the designee. Contact payroll@stmarys-ca.edu BEFORE you are unavailable. Proxy users: view the instructions


Q: When I click on Time Approval, my employee is not showing up but I received the email notification that they submitted their timecard.  Where is it?

A: The filters feature in Time Approval may require initial action in order to view your employees.  Please first hit the "Clear Search" button to see if that reveals your employees.  You may also need to hit "Apply Filters" button with no check box selections made.  Once everyone is in view, you can then use the Status Filters to narrow your search if you wish.  Be sure to also check the "Not Complete" status for timecards that have hours, but still need a submission on one of the two weeks.

















Q: I received an email notification that my employee submitted their timecard for the week.  Why is the timecard showing as "Not Complete" in GXP2.0?

A: Check to see if your employee has submitted BOTH weeks of the pay period.  If one week has not been submitted, the entire pay period will remain in the "Not Complete" status.       


Q: Can I go ahead and approve a timecard that is in the "Not Complete" status if I know that it is correct?

A. Yes, the system will allow you to approve the timecard even if it is not submitted.  However, you will want to remind your employee to mark the Submit button on BOTH weeks of the pay period, even if one of the two weeks has no work time.  If there are zero hours to report for the entire two week pay period, then no submission is required.