Earnings Statements & W-2s


Earnings Statements distribution

On each payday, you will be able to view your latest Earnings Statement in GaelXpress 2.0 as well as prior statements.

Link to GaelXpress 2.0:  https://selfservice.stmarys-ca.edu/Student

Link to Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule

GaelXpress 1.0 Pay Stub version is still currently available but will be discontinued at some point in the future:

Funds availability

Direct deposit: funds are available on payday.

To sign up for direct deposit, please read: Direct Deposit at SMC.

Paper Paychecks: Employees that have not enrolled in direct deposit will have their paychecks mailed via USPS to the address on their employee or student record the day before payday.

Form W-2 information

  • Forms W-2 are furnished to employees no later than February 1st.
  • Electronic Forms W-2 are available on GaelXpress 2.0 on the Tax Information page to employees that have provided their consent (see Electronic W-2 consent below).
  • Paper Forms W-2 are mailed no later than February 1st to the address on the employee's record.
  • Employees who terminated employment with SMC prior to when W-2 are distributed will have Forms W-2 mailed to their address on file regardless of prior electronic consent.

Replacement W-2

The Payroll Office will provide replacement copies of lost/damaged/missing Forms W-2 to current & former employees upon request. Replacements will be mailed to the address on the employee's record.

  • If your address has changed, first update your address
  • Once your new address is in our system, please contact Payroll to request that we send your W-2 to the new address, or to arrange in-person pickup.
  • Payroll is not able to send W-2s via email

Electronic W-2 consent

Federal regulations require that employees give their consent to receive Form W-2 in an electronic format. Consent cannot be provided retroactively, however it will carry forward to future years unless withdrawn. 

The W-2 electronic consent can be provided in the Tax Information page, located on GaelXpress 2.0:

Screen shot. Tax Information. Here you can change your consent for e-delivery of tax information.
W-2 Screen shot. W-2 Information. Select option below to set your preferences for receiving your electronic W-2.