eW-2 Disclosures

eW-2 Disclosures

Due to the confidentiality of your Form W-2, we will only allow in-person pick up (with Photo ID) or we can mail to the address on file for any replacement W-2s issued to you. A request for a paper copy will not withdraw your consent for electronic W-2 delivery.

  1. If you elect to consent to receive electronic W-2s, you will not receive a paper copy of the W-2 form from the college.
  2. If you elect to withhold your consent and not receive your W-2 electronically, you will receive a paper form W-2 that will be mailed to your current address on file no later than January 31st following each tax year.
  3. Your consent will remain in effect for current and future calendar years unless you decide to return to the consent form in GaelXpress and withdraw your consent.
  4. You may withdraw your consent status at any time by returning to the form on GaelXpress and changing your selection.  However, if you withdraw your consent after Payroll has already processed W-2s for the tax year, you will need to call to request a paper copy.
  5. Upon termination of employment (graduating or withdrawing as a student) from Saint Mary's College, you will be mailed a paper W-2 no later than January 31st, regardless of online consent status prior to leaving the college.
  6. If you need to request a replacement paper copy of any current or prior tax year Form W-2, please contact the Payroll Office.  Our latest contact information can be found here:

         Have questions? CONTACT PAYROLL STAFF