Sick Leave for Student Hourly Employees

Sick Leave for Student Hourly Employees

Sick leave allows student and variable-hour employees to be paid when they are unable to perform their scheduled work duties due to illness or for other related reasons (see below). All student and variable-hour employees at Saint Mary's College are eligible for paid sick leave. 

When is it appropriate to use paid sick leave?

  • Sick leave may be used for a legitimate illness or disability of the employee, including pregnancy, or the illness of a member of the employee's immediate family (including a registered domestic partner as defined by applicable law), or for doctor/dentist appointments for the employee or their family member.

When should employees notify their supervisor?

  • If at all possible, the employee should give advance notice to their supervisor before sick leave is taken. If the need is unforseen, the employee should notify their supervisor as soon as practicable.
  • If the sick leave is planned (e.g. a scheduled doctor visit), the employee must notify their supervisor ahead of time.

How much paid sick leave are student and variable-hour employees entitled to take? What is the rate of accrual?

  • Employees may not use more paid leave than they have accrued or were scheduled for.
  • Student and other variable-hour employees accrue paid sick leave at a rate of 1 hour per 30 worked (~2 minutes per hour worked).

How do student and variable-hour employees view how much paid sick leave they have accrued?

  • Balances are visible to employees in two places on GaelXpress 2.0: 
    • Leave Screen under the Employee Overview section
      Leave Screenshot Button. Leave. Here you can view your leave balences and leave requests.
    • Time Entry Screen --> View Leave Balances (on top next to Save button)
      View Leave Balances screen shot. Saved just now. Save. View Leave Balances.

Can employees "cash-out" their unused sick leave?

  • No, an employee will not be paid for accumulated unused sick leave under any circumstances, including at termination, resignation or retirement.
  • If an employee leaves their job and is rehired within 12 months by Saint Mary's College of California, paid sick leave accrued prior to leaving may be restored. The maximum balance of the new position will determine the maximum that can be restored in this way.

Does unused sick leave carry-over from one year to the next?

  • Yes, accrued sick leave does not expire as long as continuous employment with the College is maintained.

What is the maximum number of hours student and variable-hour employees can accrue?

  • Student and variable-hour employees can accrue up to a maximum of 48 paid sick leave hours.

How is paid sick leave reported on GaelXpress Time Entry?

  • Please review the instructions below for reporting paid sick leave on GaelXpress



FIRST Select "+ Additional Time"   ------->  THEN Choose Earn Type = Sick

  • Do not record Time In or Time Out for Sick Leave used. Only hours worked are recorded in Time In and Time Out.
  • Sick Leave used must be recorded in HOURS. For example 2 hours and 15 minutes of sick leave is 2.25 hours. (see image)
Additional Time Button


Choose Earn Type. Sick.



  • No Regular Hours should be reported for Sick Leave used. Only hours worked should be reported under regular hours.
Earn Type. Sick. Mon June 14. 2.00.