Direct Deposit at SMC

Saint Mary's encourages employees to enroll in direct deposit. Benefits of doing so include:

  • timely delivery of payroll funds
  • eco-friendly, reduced use of paper
  • convenient, no need to deposit a check yourself!

Please note; direct deposit for payroll funds is completely unrelated to "eReimbursement" that you may have set up for tuition or AP refunds. If you want your paychecks directly deposited, you will still need to enroll in payroll direct deposit per these instructions.

Things to know:

  • most types of accounts that accept external ACH transfers are compatible
  • double-check the info on any form submitted
  • if a deposit is rejected/returned, a paper replacement check will be issued through Accounts Payable
    • this can take 3-7 business days depending on how long it takes for Payroll to receive notification of the rejection/return, and for Accounts Payable to issue the replacement
    • Payroll will email you with additional details, and to coordinate pickup of the replacement
  • if you are unsure of your routing or account number, please contact your financial institution

To enroll in direct deposit:

1. Download the "Direct Deposit Form" from Payroll Forms (under "Other Forms")

Payroll Forms - Direct Deposit Form

2. Complete personal info (name, SMC ID)

3. Complete bank info section

  • Bank: name of banking institution
  • Account type: checking or savings
  • Routing number
  • Account number

4. Complete deposit section

  • Entire Net Pay Check
    • selecting this will deposit the entire paycheck to the account listed


  • Amount $___
    • this must be a dollar amount

5. Sign and return completed form to Payroll. Please have a form of Photo ID with you so we are able to verify your identity when submitting the form.

While COVID19 precautions are in-place, please submit Direct Deposit forms via email to:
payroll [at]
We will reach out to verify your identity.

For the "amount" field, we are unable to support percentage-based allocation of funds. If you want to deposit to multiple accounts you must select a dollar amount for at least one of the accounts. 

The best place to find a bank's routing number and your account number is from a personal check tied to the account, otherwise contact your financial institution:


Employee wants $200 of their paycheck deposited to Account#1 and the rest deposited to Account#2:

Deposit Account#1 
Amount: $200

Deposit Account#2
"Remainder of Net Pay Check"

Employee earns a net of $450, result:

$200 is deposited to Account#1
$250 is deposited to Account#2

Next period, employee earns only net $150, result:

$150 is deposited to Account#1
$0 is deposited to Account#2

Additional Resources: