Earnings Statement FAQs, GXP2.0


  • GXP1.0 = GaelXpress 1.0 (aka "WebAdvisor")
  • GXP2.0 = GaelXpress 2.0 (aka "Colleague Self Service")
  • "Pay Advice" = Generic term that encompasses the statement issued along with your pay.

Why do I have both Earnings Statements (GXP2.0) and Pay Stubs (GXP1.0)?

Ellucian, our software vendor, has ceased development of the WebAdvisor platform that GXP1.0 is built on. Because of this we need to transition most, if not all, functions of 1.0 to 2.0. Earnings Statements are provided as the replacement to the Pay Stub feature in GXP1.0.

Will I lose access to my pay records when the GXP1.0 Pay Stub feature is deprecated?

No. Data from Pay Stubs is replicated in Earnings Statements.

There is a rolling window of availability for both Pay Stubs and Earnings Statements. Currently the previous 5 years are available.

How do I access Earnings Statements?

Employees can access Earnings Statements via GXP2.0.
Employment > Employee > Earnings Statements

If you cannot access this please contact Payroll.

There are negative values in the 'itemized' or other sections of my Earn Statement, what are those?

This can occur for a number of reasons.

The most common are that we needed to move funds that were expensed to the wrong account. We do this by "paying" you a negative amount(s) from the incorrect account, and then "paying" the same amount(s) from the correct account.

For FWS student workers, this may occur periodically as we sometimes do not have authorization to use FWS funds until after the wages have been paid from a non-FWS account.

The second most common is that there was a bona-fide reason to reduce pay.
e.g. a salary/exempt employee takes unpaid leave
e.g. a non-exempt/hourly employee reported too many hours in a prior period.

I get an error when trying to retrieve some/all of my Earnings Statements, what do I do?

Please contact Payroll as soon as possible. If you can include a screenshot or the error message text this will be greatly appreciated and help us to diagnose the issue.

I use Safari as a web browser and it says I need to "allow downloads", why?

Earnings statements are rendered and delivered as downloadable PDF files rather than html documents. You will need to allow downloads to retrieve an earnings statement. Please contact Apple if you have questions about how to allow downloads.