GXP 2.0 Time Management

The Payroll Office in collaboration with Human Resources and AIS are working to migrate College employees to GaelXpress 2.0 for Time Entry and Approval (GXP2-TEA). 

This page and the resources linked are intended to assist employees and managers in using the GaelXpress 2.0 web applicaton and generally do not discuss management policy or best practices.

If the resources below do not answer your questions please reach out to the Payroll Office via email: payroll [at] stmarys-ca.edu.

For Employees

For Managers and Supervisors

  • PDF - Time Approval Quick Reference
    • Discusses new features and common issues relevant to supervisors
    • We intend to publish more detailed information for supervisors once we have gathered additional feedback from users
  • FAQ - GXP2 Time Approval
    • in development


GXP2-TEA is being rolled out in waves so that we can monitor and address issues as they arise. We do not currenly have defined dates for future migrations or for campus-wide roll-out.

Students: due to the nature of the system, we will be migrating students towards the end, even if they are working for departments with staff that have been migrated.

Faculty: migration for time-entry faculty is anticipated to occur in 21/SU

wv Effective Date Department(s)
1 4/13/2020 AIS
2 5/25/2020


3 8/17/2020 Facilities Services,
Business Office
4 9/14/2020 Public Safety
5 10/12/2020

Student Life,
Campus Rec.

6 11/9/2020

Financial Aid,
Alumni Engagement,

7 12/7/2020 ITS & Media Services,
SOS & SEBA staff,
Library & Art Gallery
8 1/18/2021 Mission & Ministry
9 2/1/2021

President's Office & Legal
Staff Reporting to Provost
Ctr. for Int'l Programs
KSOE Staff
SOLA Staff
SEAS, SDS, HP, etc.

10 2/15/2021 Athletics
10b 3/1/2021 Misc. remaining staff