Living On Campus

With 22 residence halls and more than 1,600 residential students, Saint Mary's is committed to providing a diverse, comfortable, and engaging home for students. The Campus Housing Office helps students select their room assignments for the academic year and assists with facility operations.

Our Campus Housing Office, Office of Residential ExperienceResidence Hall Association, and a variety of campus partners who support our Living Learning Communities are here to make sure Saint Mary's remains a healthy, positive and inclusive environment. We aren’t here to tell you to make your bed (that’s between you and your roommate). But we will make sure everyone feels welcomed in their new home. 

Campus Housing strives to uphold our Catholic & Lasallian traditions and core principles while serving students and the campus, we shall…

  • Provide a safe, affordable, attractive, clean, comfortable, sustainable, and well-maintained living environment for all students.

  • Establish an open, diverse, and multicultural residential environment that accepts students as individuals while promoting the appreciation and understanding of the differences each person brings to our community.

  • Be committed to consistent, fair, and transparent policies/practices.

  • Use assessment tools and other means of evaluations in order to focus on continuously improving services, programs, and procedures.

  • Collaborate and consult with other stakeholders in an effort to achieve excellence.

Explore the variety of links below to ensure you have all the information you need when living on campus. You can also submit questions that will be directed to the appropriate staff member, here