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Here you will find stories, illustrations of students, graduates, faculty, and other practitioners, enacting leadership in their work and life.

Bob Delaney

Bob Delaney--veteran NBA referee, completed his M.A. in Leadership at Saint Mary's College

Familiar with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from years as an undercover agent infiltrating "the Mob" in New Jersey, Bob journeyed to the Middle East to lend his experience, support, and encouragement to soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan to address the stress of war. Bob recently spent time with the troops at Fort Hood after the horrific shooting event there in November.

To learn more about Bob's consulting work, his book Covert, and his leadership academy, click here.


Women’s Alumni Circle Network-- The Women Alumni Affinity Circle is made up of MA in Leadership alumni who joined together to contribute their learning and resources in leadership specifically to the lives and interests of women in the community. Its inaugural project is with MOMS (Maximizing Opportunities for Mothers to Succeed).

MOMS is a program of Alameda County Sheriffs Office that promotes healthy parenting, reunite families, and reduce recidivism for incarcerated mothers. In October, six alumni toured the Santa Rita Jail-Women's Quarters in Dublin to observe a MOMS class as preparation to prepare for a series of leadership workshops offered to participants.

These workshops will focus on helping women sustain the change initiated while incarcerated. "MOMS captured our attention because it focuses on inner personal change, sustaining this change, and the ripple effect its has for others, like their children," comments alumnus and circle member Tammy Appling-Cabading. She goes on to say, "We think some of the leadership skills we learned in the MA program, such as emotional intelligence and non-violent communication would be useful to them."

For more information on MOMS or the Women Alumni Affinity Circle, contact Tammy Appling-Cabading