Apply for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential

This page is intended for students pursuing credentials in the Pupil Personnel Services School Counseling or School Psychology programs. Please allow for at least 14 days for the Credentials Office to review your credential file. Only after candidates have completed all credential requirements and received approvals from the Credentials Office and their program will the Credentials Office submit credential recommendations to the CTC. The entire credential process can take up to 4–6 weeks. Requirements may vary, please plan accordingly. Please note the differences in process for the Internship and Clear Credentials. 

  1. Notify your program’s Placement Coordinator or Program Director.
  2. The Placement Coordinator or Program Director will notify the Credentials Office to initiate the credentialing process.
  3. Check your SMC and external emails for messages from the Credentials Office.


Which credential are you applying for?


Internship Credential 

Internship Credentials are issued to students who are offered employment as a school psychologist while they are still currently enrolled in their PPS-School Counseling or School Psychology program. To apply for your Internship Credential, please begin by contacting your program and reviewing the following requirements.


Clear Credential

Clear Credentials are issued to students who have completed all credential requirements, including coursework, fieldwork components, assessments, and exams. To apply for your PPS-School Psychology Clear Credential, please begin by contacting your program and reviewing the following steps.


Please find more information about credential requirements listed below.