Scholarships & Financial Aid

Finance your graduate education through KSOE Scholarships and Federal Aid


Our scholarship and grants are designed to make a graduate education more accessible to those pursuing our bachelor's completion program, credential, master's, and doctoral programs.

There are a wide range of scholarships available, including diversity-based, merit-based, and others. Below you can explore your options, and if you're an applicant from the United States, be sure to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before applying for additional funding.

All scholarship-related questions can be directed

KSOE Departmental Scholarships

There are special scholarships available within each KSOE department for students pursuing those degree programs. Have a look at the options that may be available for you:

Important notes:

  • No additional application process is required beyond the submission and completion of your online admissions application and supplemental materials.
  • Consideration for admissions scholarships will be made at the same time your application is evaluated for admission to your selected academic program.
  • To be eligible, an applicant must submit her/his admissions application by the program priority deadline.
  • All KSOE applicants may be considered, including international students.
  • Awards are determined by each academic program and recipients will be notified by the academic program.

Other Resources

Saint Mary's College Library Catalog

The Saint Mary's College Library has created a catalog as a resource for students interested in finding assistance with grants, scholarships, subsidies, Government aid, and loans.