GXP2 Time Entry FAQ

Q: What is the 1 most important thing I need to know?
A: Each week is a separate time card. Employees need to submit BOTH WEEKS. Supervisors may wish to have employees submit at the end of each week, however this is not required by the Payroll Office.

Q: How do I get to GaelXpress 2.0?
A: Use this direct link: GaelXpress 2.0. There are more detailed instructions available in the guides for GXP2.

Q: How to enter vacation/sick/other leave types?
A: At the bottom of the "earn type" column in the timecard, the "choose earn type" menu. See slide 7: GXP2 Time Entry Slides

Q: Why are you doing this? I liked GXP1!
A: GXP1 is no-longer under active development and is being discontinued.

Q: What is the strange all-caps code at the top of my timecard?
A: This is the "Position ID" associated with the timecard. It is an internal identifier used by our HR/Payroll software for the position.

Q: Will my pre-migration (GXP1.0) time history be available in GXP2.0?
A: There is a conversion that will add GXP1 time history to GXP2 time history. We must first stop generating new GXP1 time history data before we can do this conversion. We anticipate that all employees will migrated to GXP2 in Summer '21.

Q: Why does Time Entry week view look different on my computer screen? 
A:  If your Time Entry looks condensed and boxes changed, your browser is probably displaying the mobile version.  You can change this back by simply expanding your browser window to full screen or making it larger.  It will then revert back to the normal full week detailed version.

Screenshot examples here: link