LAB Partners & Sponsors

A laboratory for life after graduation. A bridge from the Liberal Arts to a meaningful professional life. A Liberal Arts Bridge to the first job, the next thing, and the future.

Internal Partners

The School of Liberal Arts collaborated with a robust task force of faculty and staff from across the campus in developing the LAB program. We conducted surveys, interviewed students and alumni about their experiences, consulted employers, and studied current research to identify needs and best practices. After piloting a number of events in collaboration with Career and Professional Development Services in 2017–18, we launched LAB in fall 2018, with a series of alumni panels, workshops, and other events. Some aspects of the program are still in development and will be rolled out in 2019–20 and beyond. We’re currently collaborating with faculty and deans from across the College, for example, to develop a data analytics boot camp. With leadership from the School of Liberal Arts Dean’s Advisory Board, we are looking for new LAB partners, supporters, and sponsors. If the Liberal Arts Bridge appeals to you or your organization, we welcome your engagement and contribution!


External Partners & Sponsors

The Dean’s Advisory Board for the School of Liberal Arts is currently focusing its advisory and philanthropic efforts on the LAB program. If the new LAB program excites you, we welcome your engagement and contribution - as a participant in any aspect of the programming or as a donor or corporate sponsor. For more information or a conversation about LAB or any of the other activities in the School of Liberal Arts, contact or call 937-631-4145.