Meet our Faculty

Many awards. Years of experience. 

Our faculty members are award-winning and widely published. Experts in their fields, they bring years of practical experience to the classroom. First and foremost, they are focused on your success. Beyond the classroom learning, faculty place extremely high value on the professional development of each student and will push you to deliver your best every day.


Peter Alter, Ph.D, Associate Professor

Gerald Brunetti, Ph.D., Professor

Luz Casquejo-Johnston, Ed.D, Visiting Assistant Professor

Patricia Chambers, M.A., Adjunct Associate Professor

Nancy Dulberg, Ed.D, Associate Professor

Laurie Edwards, Ph.D., Professor, Chair

Barbara Grant, Ph.D., Associate Professor

David Krapf, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor

Clifford Lee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Raina Leon, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Everett Louis, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor

Elaina Rose Lovejoy, Ph.D. Professor

Sue Marston, Ed.D, Professor

Elizabeth Montano, Ed.D, Assistant Professor

Mary Kay Moskal, Ed.D., Professor

Gemma Niermann, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor

Joan Peterson, Ed.D., Professor

Joan Skolnick, Ed.D., Professor

Tamara Spencer, Ed.D., Assistant Professor


All KSOE Faculty