Liberal Arts Bridge Program (LAB)

LAB is a comprehensive four-year program of professional exploration and development for Liberal Arts majors.

LAB: A Liberal Arts Career Readiness Program

LAB is a four-year program designed to help liberal arts majors explore professional interests and opportunities, develop skills and networks, prepare materials, and gain the experience and confidence needed for a successful transition to life after graduation. Enrolling in the LAB program ensures you have guidance and support through this process of discovery and preparation, providing a bridge to your first thing, your next job, and your future.

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Internship Information and Funding

LAB internships allow SOLA majors to explore their passions while gaining real world experience in a variety of fields such as health care, community development, the arts, local government, and more.  LAB Internship scholarships are available to fund SOLA majors interning at non-profit and public sector organizations.  Scholarship awards may be combined with other funding sources to a maximum of $5000 or $15/hour.  

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Workshops and Events

LAB workshops and one-one sessions help SOLA majors develop job-ready skills and materials. Panels and events feature alumni and others who have moved from the liberal arts into meaningful and rewarding personal and professional lives.

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