Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Name Type
Accounting Minor Undergraduate
Accounting, BS Undergraduate
Accounting, MS Graduate, Master of Science
Anthropology Minor Undergraduate
Anthropology, Archaeology Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Anthropology, BA Undergraduate
Archaeology Minor Undergraduate
Art History Minor Undergraduate
Art History, BA Undergraduate
Art Practice Minor Undergraduate
Art Practice, BA Undergraduate
Bilingual Authorization in Spanish Graduate
Biochemistry, BS Undergraduate
Biology Minor Undergraduate
Biology, BA Undergraduate
Biology, BS Undergraduate
Biotechnology, MS (Professional Science Master’s) Graduate
Blockchain Minor Undergraduate
Business Administration Minor Undergraduate
Business Administration, BS Undergraduate
Business Administration: Entrepreneurship Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Business Analytics, BS Undergraduate
Business Analytics, MS Graduate, Master of Science
Certificate in Biliteracy Undergraduate
Chemistry Minor Undergraduate
Chemistry, BA Undergraduate
Chemistry, BS Undergraduate
Chemistry, Environmental Track, BS Undergraduate
Cinematic Arts Minor Undergraduate
Classical Languages, BA Undergraduate
Classical Languages, Greek, BA Undergraduate
Classical Languages, Latin, BA Undergraduate
Classical Studies Minor Undergraduate
Communication Minor Undergraduate
Communication, MA +1 Graduate
Communication: Media Maker Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Communication: Strategist Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Community Media Minor Undergraduate
Computer Science Certificate Graduate, Undergraduate
Computer Science Minor Undergraduate
Computer Science, BA Undergraduate
Computer Science, BS Undergraduate
Counseling and Forensic Psychology, Double MA Master of Arts
Counseling, MA Graduate
Counseling, MA - Specialization in Career Counseling Graduate
Counseling, MA - Specialization in General Counseling Graduate
Creative Writing Minor Undergraduate
Creative Writing, BA Undergraduate
Creative Writing, MFA Graduate, Master of Fine Arts
Dance Minor Undergraduate