Counseling Programs

Advance Your Career

✔️ Advancing Your Career

Our counseling specializations are designed for people who aspire to work in K–12 schools, colleges, family service agencies, private practice, or other professional arenas in which counselors are in high demand.

✔️ Social Justice Approach

Through coursework and field experience, you will actively promote sensitivity and awareness of the social and ethical concerns of your clients/students, and work towards addressing systemic oppression and the consequences of economic & social injustice.

✔️ Mastering Valuable Skills

You will be taught by exceptional faculty who are experts in the field, and will get real-life experience working in a variety of counseling settings. You will be able to articulate the core conditions of a high-quality therapeutic relationship and the conceptual framework of the counseling skills model.

✔️ Balancing Time Demands

Realize the advantages of a part-time program with full-time benefits. We offer 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4-year plans of study for all of our programs, in order to help you grow and succeed.

✔️ Addressing Affordability & Reputation

Evaluate the cost/benefit investment of a similar program from a top-ranked institution. We offer financial aid, scholarships, and grants which can help support you through your investment in yourself and your future.

✔️ Diversifying Your Network

Expand who you know — equaling your ambition and drive — for increased opportunities. Your program cohort members (15–18 learners per cohort) form a learning community. Your success starts with connections.