Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Name Type
Mathematics, BA Undergraduate
Mathematics: Applied Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Mathematics: Pure Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Media Production Minor Undergraduate
Media Production, BA Undergraduate
Music, Instrumental Minor Undergraduate
Music, Vocal Minor Undergraduate
Music: Instrumental Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Music: Vocal Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Philosophy Minor Undergraduate
Philosophy, BA Undergraduate
Physics Minor Undergraduate
Physics, BA Undergraduate
Physics, BS Undergraduate
Politics Minor Undergraduate
Politics, BA Undergraduate
Practical Political Leadership Certificate Undergraduate
Professional Writing Certificate Undergraduate
Psychology Minor Undergraduate
Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Psychology, Child/Adolescent Development Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Psychology, Clinical/Counseling Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Psychology, General, BS Undergraduate
Psychology, Social Psychology Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Public History Minor Undergraduate
Secondary Teaching without Participating in the 4+1 Program Undergraduate
Sociology Minor Undergraduate
Sociology, BA Undergraduate
Spanish Minor Undergraduate
Spanish, BA Undergraduate
Sport Management Minor Undergraduate
Sport Studies Minor Undergraduate
Sports Media Minor Undergraduate
Theatre Minor Undergraduate
Theatre: Design and Technical Theatre Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Theatre: Performance and Theatre Studies Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Theology and Religious Studies Minor Undergraduate
Theology and Religious Studies, BA Undergraduate
Women's and Gender Studies Minor Undergraduate
Women’s and Gender Studies, BA Undergraduate