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The purpose of this club is to engage students who are interested in economics through academic and social activities, connect students with faculty and networking opportunities in an effort to extend economic education beyond the classroom, and to allow student collaboration to make members' years at Saint Mary’s College and years after both enriching and successful.

The Economics Society of SMC (ESSMC) is a community-oriented club that seeks to unify the department and promote economic thinking. Our club represents the school and reflects its Lasallian core principles while providing a place where our members can socialize and learn. Club meetings will consist of on and off-campus events created to enhance networking opportunities for our members. Visits from important individuals from the community and discussions with fellow members will allow students to have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain more exposure in the field of economics.  

Saint Mary's Economics Society Footballnomics Event


The Saint Mary's Econ Society hosted an event titled Footballnomics on October 9th in the Matt Rogers Innovation Hub. Students gained insights into sports economics and explored the substantial influence of the NFL on the United States' economy and beyond. The Econ Society delved into the effects of Super Bowl LVI, shedding light on its role in generating an estimated $12 million in tax revenue and creating approximately 2,300 new job opportunities. This event provided students with a valuable opportunity to understand the global economic impact of sports with a chance to watch Monday Night Football live in the Innovation Hub!


owen houghtelling saint mary's college

Owen Houghtelling

Major: Economics / Data Science

Minor: Math

Academic Year: Senior

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

I joined Econ Society. . .

to develop better relationships with our amazing faculty, gain leadership experience, delve into niche topics such as sports economics, and most of all to provide opportunities for Saint Mary’s students.


Ryan Chand Economics Society

Ryan Chand
Vice President

Major: Economics 

Minor: Philosophy

Academic Year: Junior

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

I joined Econ Society. . .

because I wanted to help show fellow students the importance of learning basic economics. For many, this can be a daunting discussion however by establishing our platform as a place for people to learn outside of the classroom - we have found this to be an amazing experience for all. For that I am thankful to take part. What I love about the Econ Society - is the ability collaborate with like minded people on social events to educate and discuss general broad topics of the economy. 


Acacia Nakamura Saint Mary's Econ Society

Acacia Nakamura
VP External Affairs 

Major: Economics 

Minor: English

Academic Year: Senior

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

I joined Econ Society. . .

because of the role it plays in creating community between the students and professors of the economics department!

Daniel Flores Econ Society Photo

Daniel Flores

VP Finance

Major: Kinesiology, Sport Mangement

Minor: Economics

Academic Year: Senior

I joined Econ Society. . .

because I wanted to meet new people and be in some sort of team where I can be in some sort of position of leadership. I like the subject of Economics because it has taught me about the importance of the world and how to improve one’s stability of life.



Natasha Cañedo

Executive Assistant

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Economics

Academic Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Placentia, CA

I joined Econ Society. . .

because I felt like it was a great opportunity to be surrounded by others who share similar majors/minors.